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Grid Partitioned Attention: Efficient TransformerApproximation with Inductive Bias for High Resolution Detail Generation


Attention is a general reasoning mechanism than can flexibly deal with image information, but its memory requirements had made it so far impractical for high resolution image generation. We present Grid Partitioned Attention (GPA), a new approximate attention algorithm that leverages a sparse inductive bias for higher computational and memory efficiency in image domains: queries attend only to few keys, spatially close queries attend to close keys due to correlations. Our paper introduces the new attention layer, analyzes its complexity and how the trade-off between memory usage and model power can be tuned by the hyper-parameters.We will show how such attention enables novel deep learning architectures with copying modules that are especially useful for conditional image generation tasks like pose morphing. Our contributions are (i) algorithm and code of the novel GPA layer, (ii) a novel deep attention-copying architecture, and (iii) new state-of-the art experimental results in human pose morphing generation benchmarks.

under review