Urs Bergmann

Urs Bergmann

(Former Lab Member)
Urs Bergmann is a Research Lead in the Machine Learning / AI group at Zalando Research. Learning systems have been his focus since his diploma thesis on Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks at the University of Heidelberg. During his Ph.D. on Theoretical Neuroscience at the University of Frankfurt / FIAS, he focused on nonlinear self-organising and probabilistic systems as a model for the visual system. After completing postdoctoral research at the Humboldt University of Berlin on timing-based learning models, he became a Data Scientist at Zalando, where he applied Bayesian and neural machine learning methods to diverse projects ranging from logistics to size recommendation.

Current research interests:
Deep Learning, Generative Neural and Probabilistic Models, Recommender Systems

Project(s) at Zalando Research:
Generative Models Research
Generative Fashion Design
Probabilistic timeseries modelling
Personalized Size Recommendation
Swapping of fashion on people images with generative modelling