Research Scientist – Machine Learning & AI


Zalando Research sets the course for re-imagining fashion for the good of all. We’re Zalando’s incubator for bold scientific experimentation. Machine Learning and AI are our research fields. That comprises today’s most exciting research topics, such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, Large Scale Bayesian Inference, Reinforcement Learning, Causality.

If you are an expert in one of these fields with an impressive publication record, if you are interested in doing academic research in a fascinating corporate environment then come join us and use your scientific background to drive Zalando-scale innovation!

Zalando Research is one of the most collaborative places you can imagine. Partnerships begin within our own teams, with all key engineering and product teams, and with the international scientific community beyond Zalando. We stretch the limits of theory and apply novel ideas in practice and we experiment. We strongly encourage our team members to stay on top of the academic progress, seek patents, and publish research results whenever possible.


  • PhD (or comparable) degree in Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Data Mining, or similar
  • 3-5 years of proven experience in academic research or comparable research environment
  • Deep understanding of theory behind state of the art Machine Learning methods in your domain, broad overview of Machine Learning methods, as well as knowing best practices in their application
  • Strong publication record in top-tier research conferences and journals
  • Experience as a speaker at scientific conferences or public scientific meetups
  • Proven experience in leading Machine Learning research projects in a postdoc position
  • Software engineering skills for prototypic development and implementation of experimental setups
  • Experience with relevant scientific software packages (Python, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, Caffe, R, Matlab/Octave,…)
  • Effective communication skills and ability to understand business requirements along with fluency in English
  • Team spirit as well as the ability to execute independently


  • Experience in modern software development techniques, version control and deployment tools, databases/SQL, programming languages (e.g. Java), Big Data and HPC frameworks
  • Experience as organiser or chair of scientific meetups, workshops, and conference sessions
  • Experience as reviewer of scientific publications


Community. Tech culture of trust and empowerment, open source commitment, meetups, game nights, +100 internal technical and fun guilds, tech talks, product demos, Coderdojos, parties and events.

Perks. Competitive salary, 40% Zalando shopping discount, discounts from external partners, public transport discounts, relocation assistance for internationals, free drinks and fruits, hardware of your choice.

Development. Tour of Mastery, extensive onboarding, personal branding support, opportunity to attend and speak at data science conferences and Meetups, and encouragement to publish work.

Work Environment. Self-organized,  autonomous teams and flexible working hours.

Scale. Unparalleled levels of data and opportunities. At Zalando the algorithms and methods you research and develop can impact millions of people.

Want to join us? Then go ahead and apply!

Please apply through our Job Page at If you need guidance or have any questions about our recruiting and hiring processes, please contact recruiter Alicja Notowska.